Macramé + Dahlias

My very first wild-grown macramé class was intentionally small and intimate.

We held the workshop at my friend Kate's flower farm, Aztec Dahlias. The field was in full bloom and absolutely magnificent. 

I wanted to support people in making something really special.


We gathered together under the canopy next to fields of bright blooming dahlias, chose our sticks, our rope color and weight, the important things.

Then we got to work learning knots and began making beautiful things that had never been made before. 

Time passed at a relaxed pace, the breeze picked up. We puzzled and invented, we moved quickly and slowly at the same time. 

As it came time to close our creative circle each person was able to share their work and what was discovered along the way. 

I was so moved and impressed by the incredible work that was created by people who had never made macrame before! 

Look at these gorgeous women and their unique work!


The power that simple sticks and strings and findings can convey is a beautiful testimony to the notion of abundance and the creative spirit. 

Next macrame workshop is at Rita House on Third in Los Angeles on 11/11 at 11am. Click here for more info. 

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