Valentine's Delight - A Curated Gift of Magic
Valentine's Delight - A Curated Gift of Magic
Valentine's Delight - A Curated Gift of Magic
Valentine's Delight - A Curated Gift of Magic

Valentine's Delight - A Curated Gift of Magic

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Are you Open to Receive?

When I was a kid, one of my favorite outings was the monthly Flea Market at the local college. The enormous parking lot, filled with vendors, promised exploration and discovery. I always brought my pocket money to buy something from my favorite stand: the Mystery Packages!

Several tables were piled high with packages, all wrapped in plain paper, each with a price sticker on them. One dollar, three dollars, ten, twenty - I'd sift through the packages in my price range, weighing them out in my hands, unconsciously practicing intuition as I chose the one that felt filled with the most promise. I'd hand over all my money, take my package to the curb, tear it open and find out what now belonged to me. In some way it was like an oracle - each item seemed meant for me, to keep or give away to someone who would love it. The anticipation and surprise was part of the whole experience. I can't remember ever feeling disappointed.

Since those days, I have become wealthy with the infinite resources of art, conscious awareness, wonder, magic and beauty.

Here's the deal: hundreds of paintings and objects have been steeping in the resonance of the Touchstone Studio, each holding the potential to transmit healing, magic, and delight.

There is artwork: portals, channels and bridges, stones and crystal pendants, flower essences, readings, energy transmissions, altar relics, objects of wonder...

There's simply too much for me to hold anymore...the currency of consciousness I've tapped into is infinite and keeps coming through, creating more, more, more...

Having spent almost an entire year in various states of pandemic solitude, I feel this abundant store of wealth all around me, and wonder, how can I release this potent currency of consciousness?

As February 14th comes into view, I find myself remembering this element of delight.

The vibrancy of not-knowing, the anticipation of what will be found, the discovery of something unexpected. 

If I could promise you joy, surprise and delight, would you be open to give yourself a gift?

Would you be open to receive? 

Would you be willing to not know what's coming your way?

Would you place your trust in me?

Would you allow me to nourish your heart, and remember you to the gift you already are? 

Given the year that's passed behind us, could you give yourself a gift?

Something chosen just for you?

Because I would love to share some of this bounty with you.

Like literally, wrap it up, tie it with a bow and deliver it to your home.


If you're a yes, the rest is easy:

How much magic would you like to receive? 

Pick one of three options:

Glimmer $95
Shimmer $175
Glow $495

Take it through the checkout process. 

Once your order has been placed, I will curate a one-of-a-kind package of wonder: art and objects chosen specifically for you.

It will be personal and filled with care.

When you receive this, you'll discover something that can't quite be described. 

An energetic gift exchange, if you will...potency and magic changing hands.


So ask yourself, are you ready to receive? 

Are you open to delight?

Are you brave enough to extend an invitation to the unexpected? 

Would you like to know for certain, something wonderful is coming your way?


I will give my heart and attention, curation and care to the curious adventurers who are bold enough to say yes now.

This offer is limited to the first 3 people who reserve their mystery package!

For Valentine's Day delivery, your order must be placed by Sunday Feb 7, 11:59pm. 


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