Private Listing - Wealth Dynamics Profile Test

Private Listing - Wealth Dynamics Profile Test

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Private Listing for Alaina McBride’s Online Entrepreneur Course

Please order desired quantity and checkout through cart.

Instructional email copy and a token for each participant will be delivered to you by email. 

Order over 5 tokens for bonus offer of 1x Online Q&A session (1.5 hour total, February 4, 2020, 12noon-1:30pm PST)



Include the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test in your online course to help participants discover the fastest way for them to find their flow as an entrepreneur, which of the Eight natural paths to wealth is the best one for them to follow, and how to go about identifying the next steps to take in growing their business. 

For each order, you’ll receive: 

  • A Token that can be assigned for one person to access and take the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test
  • Instructional email copy to forward to each of your participants with their token

After completing the test, each participant will receive:

  • 36 page Profile Summary includes 
      • Inherent strengths and weaknesses
      • Conditions for success & failure
      • Best and worst roles in teams
      • Best and worst roles in life 
      • Case studies of your profile
      • Wealth creation strategy
      • Time and Team strategy
      • Secondary profile descriptions
      • Basic information about every profile 
      • Five frequencies related to vision
      • Effective operating system for each frequency
      • Leadership and team-building recommendations

Before the Bonus Q&A session, you will receive a list of each participant's profiles that has completed the test. 




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