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Your private Akashic session provides direct personal messages on behalf of your own source energy, in response to questions or issues you've presented. 

After booking, you’ll receive written and audio documentation of your session within 7 days.

Why can't I book a particular time for these sessions?

The way I work between dimensions is highly intuitive and requires that I work privately in alignment with moon cycles, planetary phases, and other natural and energetic patterns that are beyond our command.

Entering your Akashic Records is an honor and privilege. I don't take it lightly that you're trusting me to be your transmission point, receiver, and translator.

I do recognize and honor that you're seeking a session because you want support now, and I promise to deliver as efficiently as possible.

*For energy clearing and ancestral imprint resolution, please purchase the Frequency Alignment, a package including five distinct sessions that re-align your energy system through a combination of Human Design, Akashic healing work, my signature alchemical energy alignment technology, and 1:1 integration sessions. 

*For ongoing monthly healing transmissions, you’re invited to become a member of the Healers Light Circle and Global Arts Healing Network when you purchase a piece of original artwork. The Portals are seeking placement around the world to activate embodied healing and authentic consciousness restoration for the benefit of humanity. 



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