Sedona Sessions 2020

Available Portals, Bridges, Works in Progress

These paintings are tangible instruments of energetic healing designed to be finished and tuned to amplify and strengthen your connection to your own source frequency.

Source Frequency Tuning is customizable for individual, group, familie, community, place or organization. 

Tuning means that in addition to adding beauty, color and aliveness to your space, your painting resonates from the specific light frequency of who you are and what you're creating for your life.

I've been charged with establishing a network for art healing. This requires getting these paintings situated in the world where they belong.

The artwork is an activated transmission node that increases reception of Source Frequency. The intention is to empower and enable ongoing conscious awakening for humanity: starting with artists, healers and lightworkers, conscious thought-leaders, and visionary creatives.

This is a time of great conscious awakening.

What matters to me is getting these portals and bridges situated in the world.

If one of the works available on this page calls for you, book a call with me.






Let's connect and collaborate. I want to work with you to facilitate installation of this work and make it easier for you to hear the messages coming through for you, process that information, and share the power of healing and creativity with those you're here to share it with.

Here's the link to book our call.

Sending much love -