Sedona Sessions 2020

Available Portals, Bridges, Works in Progress

While these are, like any other painting, made of pigment in a medium on canvas, these works of art are actually tangible instruments of energetic healing. 

Upon reservation, the artwork you choose will be brought to completion and tuned to the source frequency of you, your family, a specific intention or even your business as an organization of energy. 

In addition to adding beauty, color and aliveness to your space, when tuned and installed, your painting resonates from the specific light frequency of who you are and what you're creating with your life, working as a transmission point for the benefit of all those connected to it. 

If one of the works available on this page is calling for you to be installed as a tangible instrument of energetic healing, please click through the image, make your deposit to temporarily reserve the work you love and schedule time for your inquiry call.

During the inquiry call, you can tell me everything about your space, desired timeline, your intention for having the artwork in your life, the level of energetic attunement you'd like to experience. We'll look at the painting you love so far, preserve what you love about it and add finishing elements and touches to customize it to your desire.