Monthly Message - November 2020

Your presence is the greatest of gifts in this world. 


The depth of your caring 


The clarity of your insight 


Your sense of wholeness, goodness and being in service to humanity


I know you may feel fragile and afraid 


The forces that seem to be "in charge" may seem to have power over you, 


They are not for your power within 


But they are not in charge 


The dimension you live in is populated by thousands of beings already working to adjust the frequencies that cannot ever be enslaved 


Like turning a knob on an old radio, we are tuning the frequency like that 


Adjusting it through the static of the current collective experience until the new frequency sounds clear as a bell 


You are a sovereign being with infinite power connecting you to infinite love 


You are love 


Your awareness of this truth can get mixed up in your biology 


The chemical state of the brain 


Tend to who you are that is not the chemical state of your brain 


Practice Being Present 


Whenever and however you can, as often as you can, bring your attention to who you are as a source of light 


If you can't find it through the scramble in your neurological system, breathe and trust that the scramble is not you. 


Your awareness is not the scramble of chemicals and synapse firings in the biological space suit you embody in this lifetime 


Can you notice that? 


Can you pause and be, to see the scramble?


This is how it's meant to be 


There's not some other experience you are meant to be having 


You're not meant to be different than you are


You're meant to be here perfectly as you are 


Including all your mess, fear and anxiety 


Your human imperfection 


This is your embodied experience 


You are the human embodiment of pure love 


This is what it looks like


✨You reading this✨


✨You questioning if this is bs or not✨


✨You uncertain if it makes sense✨


Look there


At the being that is looking 


Let yourself return to calm 


If you can't be present and connected to your inner source of power, make getting connected your #1 priority 


If your body is telling you to be in a different environment, get to a different environment! 


Trust your body knowing!


Your mind does not have the proper authority to make decisions about anything 


Your mind is the scramble 


You are not the scramble 


You are not what you think or see happening around you 


There are infinite ways to connect with who you truly are 


Nature, making, writing, walking, sitting, being, folding laundry, breathing. 


What can work for you? 

Do that 


All that's required is Noticing 


You are Alive 


In your own spacesuit body here on Planet Earth


Your awareness is perfectly tuned. 


Keep going. 


Stay alive.


Notice if you are awake or drifting back to slumber 


You can choose if you will be awake, or you can let it be chosen for you 


We are tuning this frequency together. 


This is the alignment. 


What you have to offer is enough. 


You can tune to the frequency of others. 


You can tune to music. 


You can tune to wonder


You can tune to joy 


Tune to your Senses 


The smell of baking bread 


Any little tiny moment of presence adds to the frequency alignment of humanity


Simply by being here 


When you're present, notice if there are others you're aware of on the frequency. 


Tune to them. 


Tune to me.


Tune to Who You Truly Are

Thank you for Being here


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