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Human Design is an intricate system of self-understanding that combines quantum physics, Western Astrology, the Hindu chakra system, Kabbalah and ancient I-ching hexagrams. Human Design was channeled in the late 1980's and has been recently surging into the awareness of modern creatives. 

Using your exact birth information, Human Design offers you a blueprint of your energy system, a view into how you've been coded up to fulfill your life purpose. 

Understanding your unique design allows you to restore confidence in your authentic self, learn to flow in harmony with the universe and manifest what you want in life with ease. 

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When you fall into who you are, and give up striving to be someone you're not, you'll naturally find yourself living and working with more ease and freedom, confidently surrendering to the flow of your path and purpose.

When I discovered Human Design and delved into my chart, I felt so deeply validated. I could clearly see my gifts and challenges, without needing to change any of it. I felt seen and recognized for my true self, and plugged into my purpose. The choices and actions I've taken since then have resonated with authenticity.  

Becoming aware of my own design continues to be life-changing, even more so as I discover the charts of those close to me, which has opened up a new field of intimacy, compassion and understanding.

I became more accepting of others being the way they are, and understood the synergistic nature of our human relationships in a whole new way. 

Over the last year I noticed clients using the insights from their charts to resolve confusion, take right action and increase their sense of joy and ease for being exactly the way they are.

I've seen people fueled by their readings to take bold action in relationships, career and passion projects.

I've even witnessed the diffusion of a long-standing family feud as a result of looking at it through the lens of this system.  

Until recently Human Design has been presented in an esoteric language that can make it difficult to understand, let alone apply practically to what you're dealing with in life. 

You can find out your energy type and see your own chart for free at

Based on your exact birth information, you’ll be one of five energy types: Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Projector or Reflector.

Each type has a unique way of relating with and channeling universal energy and manifesting reality. But unless you have the inclination to begin months of intensive study you may find yourself lost pretty quickly or just giving up.

This is where booking a one-to-one reading can make an enormous difference.

I'm committed to sharing your unique energy system with you in a way that makes the information specifically relevant to you but also easy to integrate into your daily life. 

I especially enjoy working with creative entrepreneurs, women who are getting new projects off the ground and those who are up for creating a new path for themselves aligned with purpose. 


What's it like to get a reading? 

My role in your reading is to look with you at your Design, where you're at in your life journey and discover how dropping into your most authentic self will support your ongoing personal growth and transformation. 

During your Foundation reading, you'll find out:

  • How the Universe likes to play/work/dance with you energetically 
  • The most effective way for you to interact with others
  • How to trust your own decision making process
  • Where your energy system is already reliable and consistent
  • Where you're most susceptible to the influence of others 
  • How to identify where you're getting stuck by issues that don't even belong to you 
  • How to release what's stuck and restore your authenticity
  • How to bring more ease, power, self-acceptance and love into your daily life 
  • Where to aim next to fulfill your own life purpose  

Sessions are held via Zoom and will be recorded and delivered to you in audio format.

You'll be able to pick your date and time when you book your session. If you can't find a time that works for you, please email me

Learn more about current offerings or click the links below to reserve your own session. You'll need your exact birth information for the reading to be accurate. 

Foundation Reading (60-75 minutes $225)

Human Design Transmission (25 minutes $85)



 "Working with Meaghan has been life changing. I finally understand who I am and what I was put here on earth to do.

Human Design has allowed me to understand my unique system and strengths, so I now know how to make decisions from a place of personal power and am 100% clear on my role in the world.

Before working with her I was kind of in a slump, unsure of my next step in life or how I was supposed to make things happen. Now that I know I’m a Manifestor everything makes sense, not just moving forward but looking back. Meaghan was able to intuit and read all my struggles and strengths and offer me advice for how to better work with them.

If you’re on the fence about having a reading don’t think twice. I wish I would have known about Human Design years ago! Everything would have been much easier for me." M. Dizon 

Let's set aside your time...

Looking for more in-depth guidance? 

I open two spots each month for personal mentorship through the lens of Human Design. We begin with the foundation, get clear on your desires and begin to navigate the simplest path to manifesting what's important to you. This personalized offering is designed to have you fully activated on your path and enlivened by your own journey. Our work together is to clear energetic space, create practices and actualize real life results in a short amount of time. To see if this model is right for you, set up a virtual coffee date with me through my online booking calendar - let's talk it through!

Human Design private + team events

Get together with your friends or colleagues to learn more about Human Design. Perfect for occasions and team building, Human Design events offer an intriguing, engaging and insightful conversation that can be just for fun or the beginning of a new level of productivity. To learn more, email or set up a virtual coffee date online. I would love to create a fun event with you!

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