1:1 SESSIONS to activate, encourage and support your creative self-discovery.

My work is called Creative Advisory because it's a hybrid.

Our time together may include coaching, intuitive guidance, messages and downloads, Human Design distinctions, metaphysical wisdom, the creation of personalized self-care and de-conditioning practices designed to clear out whatever's in the way of your authentic expression. We can do accountability and we can do art making stuff. Whatever it takes, I'll bring whatever I've got that's needed for you to get activated and clear on your path.

I'll guide and be with you as you discover and dissolve anything that's stuck between you and the free expression of your creativity.

We're going to find and expand your unique creative gift and you're going to get to live that life in the world. You're back. You are your favorite version of yourself. It's a new day.

That's what's happening.

I'm committed that our work together gives you the tools, reflection of self-worth, perspective and energetic activation you need to fulfill on your purpose. 

Even if you don't know yet what your purpose is, we can go find it together. It'll be fun. We'll just move some of the energetic clutter out of the way and create a little space, try some new things and it'll start to get clear for you. You can do this.

Let's have a virtual coffee date and see if Creative Advisory is what you're looking for right now.

I so look forward to the time spent walking a path with you...

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