You have entered the virtual vibrational art and medicine space of Meaghan Miller Lopez, an Australian-born, International Award-Winning Artist.

Meaghan's paintings serve as transmission portals delivering ongoing access to the multi-dimensional space of the dreaming.

Her signature, alchemical intuitive painting method is informed by a lifelong fascination with dimensions of consciousness, and explorations into ways of knowing, neuroscience, metaphysics, and mindfulness practices.

The Stardust Transmission Artwork and Frequency Alignments express this inquiry, this potency, the dreaming and awakening of a new world, coming into form from the shimmering, energetic, invisible field of the eternal.

The new world is asking, who are you?

What are you here for?

What frequency are you tuned into?

What’s just beyond your perception?

What unique gift can you bring forward to this lifetime, right now?

The Touchstone Studio exists as a liminal space, a space in between, where you remember who you are and what you're here for. 

May your time here be nourishing and clarifying.

May the tools you find, and activations you experience, transform your life forever.

May the art you bring into your space resonate as a personal portal that quenches you with the resonance of unconditional love and your own embodied sovreignty.