Creating your life as a work of art is a renegade act in which we declare our own value and assert our self-worth. We learn to trust ourselves and listen for and from a deeper way of knowing. We remember our values, who we are and what matters most. And once we remember, then we can begin to integrate and weave that remembering into our daily lives, creating a ripple effect of benefit for all. 


Hi, I'm Meaghan.

I'm an artist with an intuitive art and creative advisory practice focused on self care, spiritual activation, healing through connection to source and living life as a work of art.

In 2017, after declaring I would surrender my life to being an artist, and allow art making to take over my life, I had an accident that caused a traumatic brain injury. Almost an entire year went by before I had a single day without symptoms. Cognitively impaired, but fully conscious and aware inside the impairment, I was forced to leave my lucrative career in sales. My moments could only be focused on cultivating an elusive sense of wellness. My sense of time was affected; I couldn't rely on memory, nor conceive of the future. I joked that while people were paying thousands of dollars on retreats to get access to being present in the moment, my brain injury gave me a fast pass to being only in the moment all the time.    

The months I spent moving through mental and physical health issues in the wake of my injury were documented in stolen moments on Instagram. Like in the movie 50  First Dates, I would see a post of my art making from the day before as proof that my creative journey was indeed taking place, despite the fact I couldn't track my progress mentally. I used Instagram as a tool for self-discovery, finding evidence of artistry being alive and well in the world, and people who expanded my sense of what's possible for a life well-lived.

I am now well. My brain works differently, and I'm a shining example of neurodiversity, but gradually and over time, I've adapted to my limitations and created a lifestyle that works in harmony with my well-being. Every day I wake up into a new, created life, committed to living from wellness, especially on the days I do not experience being well. 

I've learned to grant myself grace and love no matter what. Knowing from experience what it's like to lose identity gave me a new view on the opportunity to use my life for purpose.

What I know in my bones is that restoring your connection with your own inner knowing and your creative spark is essential for wellness and satisfaction.

Having developed an enormous capacity for being in the unknown and navigating by the heart, I've made a promise for my life, that all people have the opportunity to live life as a work of art. 

My offerings here are a reflection of that promise.

  • Unique & Transformative Flower Essence Blends
  • Human Design Readings & Advisory (private & group sessions)
  • Original Art that resonates and alters the energy of your space
  • Custom Art created on canvas, perfect palette, style and expression for your walls
  • Mural collaborations and installations

Are you ready to add potency and magic to your life? Let's begin.