"Creating life as a work of art is a renegade act in which we declare our own value and assert our self-worth. We learn to trust ourselves and listen for and from a deeper way of knowing. We remember our values, who we are and what matters most. Once we remember, we can begin to integrate and weave that remembering into our daily lives. This creates a ripple effect of benefit for all."

Hi, I'm Meaghan.

I'm an Artist and Energy Medicine Practitioner.

I make things that bring Potency and Magic to day to day life. 

I was born in Australia, but have spent most of my life in California.

I live in the Los Angeles area, with my husband and two daughters, and I make things that bring potency and magic into day to day life.

Here's how it all played out:

In 2017, a traumatic brain injury led me to engage with art-making and consciousness exploration as a healing practice. 

While recovering, I developed a signature, alchemical approach to intuitive painting.

Now I work with private clients to make paintings that celebrate life's milestone occasions and even connect with loved ones who have passed. My artwork is informed by elements of dreamwork, metaphysics, Human Design, energetic medicine, Reiki healing, and access to the Akashic Records, a vibrational dimension of light consciousness.

In 2016, in a class on Poetry and Wonder, I was taken home to myself as an artist. I saw what a fool I'd been, spending the previous 15 years building a career in sales and marketing, pretending it was totally ok that I wasn’t making art. Over the years I had suffered over it, but I justified the absence of art-making with evidence that I was being a responsible adult, a successful person.

But in that moment of coming home to myself, I made a declaration:

"I surrender my life to being an artist. I allow art-making to take over my life."

After returning to my work and daily life, I began to create a studio space in my home, and invested in paints and art-making. I began to paint it was kind of terrible, but the joy was in the making.

Five months later, I had an accident. I forget there was a bike rack on the back of our car, and I pulled it down on my own head, with a huge amount of force. I didn’t know it then, but I had given myself a brain injury.

The recovery was long.

Art-making and consciousness exploration became a healing practice.

My cognition was disrupted.

I had no sense of time.

I couldn’t remember things, and while I knew something called “the future” existed, I couldn’t conceive of what that was.

I only had access to living in the Now, the space of a created moment.

It was a state of grace.

I was temporarily set free from my identity.

I could only be.

My studies in transformation and consciousness, gave me context.


Because of this, I could see my injury as a gift, an opportunity to build new neural networks, to begin life newly with ways of being that I consciously chose.

Having lost my identity, my sense of time, my ability to rely on reputation, I was present to the rare and urgent opportunity to make a difference, living from the context that life is a gift, and now is the only time we’ve got.

As I recovered, I began an abstract painting practice to express this altered state of consciousness. The experience defied representational language.

My work is informed by a lifelong fascination with dimensions of consciousness, an ongoing questioning of the nature of reality, an exploration into ways of knowing.

Who are we?

What are we here for?

What’s beyond our perception?

What energies could we tune into?

What unique gift can we bring forward in this lifetime?

My artwork and offerings express this inquiry, this potency

the dreaming and awakening of a new world

coming into form from the shimmering, energetic, invisible field of the eternal

Thank you for finding your way here. 

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