September Full Moon Portal Gallery

Full Moon in Pisces

September 1, 2020

10:22pm Pacific

*products will become visible at the time of the Full Moon*

It's time

Right now

Looks like life on earth hasn't gotten easier

the lessons you came here for are the ones you keep on getting

the things and places and people you love will burn and die

You'll experience loss, loss of things you love, places you love, people you love, animals you love

They'll be gone, but the love won't go away

you do have choice in how you face the moment

this one right now, while any and all the feelings pour through

but I'm not here to teach you, or tell you, or anything you.

I do care, though, if you do, for your experience, your transformation, your vision,

I do care for your dreaming, your gift coming into form in the world

I do care, if you do, that you get the transmissions that are meant for you now

the ones that somehow cleave off the unnecessary programming

the ones that liberate the experience of your own source power

If you're still reading, you care too...and it is time...right now

The Touchstone Studio is a mobile phenomenon, transporting raw materials of transformation, creation and intention. We've landed in Sedona for September. Nature is nearby. Magic swirls amidst all of it. Potency. Grounding. Wellness. Vibrancy. Beauty. Magnificence

My particular energetic design tells me to work with the cycles and seasons of nature, to express the potency and magic of Now

My unusual job is to emanate the invisibly connected energetic frequency that runs between us - you and me and us - always

Things are made here that remember you to who you are and what you're here for 

and yes the things may burn up or break or die, it's true, but their time with you is the gift

the transmutation that occurs becomes legend, story, myth, like you will be one day, for the people who love and were loved by you.

Portals are opening for the Full Moon - artwork and objects that alter the frequency of the space you're in

This month you'll find:

  • Paintings on archival paper
  • Italian sea-tile magnets
  • Mystery panel portals 

We'll be open until it's time to close. If you see something that calls to you, claim it. All will be activated and charged in Sedona's special frequencies and then make it's way home to be with you. 

All artwork and objects are part of the Global Arts Healing, a monthly distance healing activation to sustain aliveness and connectedness between us. 

Take decisive action. Your body knows what there is to do. Listen.