Full Moon Portal Gallery - October 2020

The Touchstone Studio is a mobile phenomenon, transporting raw materials of transformation, creation and intention. We are in Sedona through October. Nature is nearby. Magic swirls amidst all of it. Potency. Grounding. Wellness. Vibrancy. Beauty. Magnificence

My particular energetic design tells me to work with the cycles and seasons of nature, to express the potency and magic of Now

My unusual job is to emanate the invisibly connected energetic frequency that runs between us - you and me and us - always 

Things are made here that remember you to who you are and what you're here for 

(and yes the things may burn up or break or die, it's true, but their time with you is the gift)

the transmutation that occurs becomes legend, story, myth, like you will be one day, for the people who love and were loved by you. 

Portals are opening for the Full Moon - artwork and objects that alter the frequency of the space you're in

This month you'll find:

Mini portals, bridges, channels painted in Sedona Arizona, released October 2020

Each painting includes group energetic activation in the monthly Global Arts Healing Network 

Personalized Activations are optional upon purchase

All offerings made with infinite light connection to source energy